Collision Repair Like It Never Happened

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Over 50 years of experience

Got a scuff, ding, or dent?

Tiny dents on your car can cause major problems for your paint job, especially if the chip makes its way past your car's protective coating and down to the metal. If water starts rusting away at the spot, all of your paint could start falling off - prevent that with Frank & Son Autobody Inc.

Personalized painting services

 •  Expert paint matching

 •  Faded paint matching

 •  New paint matching

 •  Scratch and scuff repainting

 •  Detailing

 •  Paint stripping

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Whether you have a tiny dent, or damage to your car has somehow caused a lot of paint to disappear, you can bring your car in for a walk-in appointment and get a FREE estimate on painting repairs.

Let a locally owned and operated auto shop handle your paint jobs!

Get high quality painting services from us today

When your paint job is finished, let us take another look at your car. We can help you with regular maintenance and collision repairs too!


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